I offer the following Couples Counseling options:

        In-Office Couples Counseling:
        Get out of your negative patterns/ create a bond of
        closeness, happiness, and love/ solve your once
        unsolvable problems.

        One session every week:

             55 minute session                         $135

             75 minute session                         $165

        Two Sessions every week:                                

        More focused counseling for a couple who wants to
        become closer quicker, who needs immediate attention,
        or who is having a crisis (including infidelity).

             Two 55 minute sessions
                               package price-                 $250

             Two 75 minute sessions
                               package price-                         $310

        Online Couples Sessions:

        Convenient internet couples counseling from wherever
        you are.  Also for supportive counseling help
        when you are both stuck in a conflict.

                 Weekly Skype Sessions,
               55 or 75 minutes      same pricing as above

               As needed Skype Sessions,
               55 or 75 minutes       same pricing as above

        In-home Couples Counseling:

         The comforts of home and the ability to integrate
         counseling into your life together.

               One 90 minute session / week       $200

               Two 90 minute sessions / week      $390

        Half Day Couples Counseling Intensive:

          A great way to jump start your struggling
          relationship or to lessen the length (and pain)
          of a relationship crisis.

          This 4 to 5 hour intensive counseling includes couples
          sessions, individual sessions, exercises, and
          handouts.  In my office or your home.

                4 hour Intensive                         $500

                5 hour Intensive                         $600

              You may pay by cash, check, major credit card, or chase quick pay.  

              Your insurance may also pay for counseling.  For in-network
             providers, I can bill your insurance for you.  For out-of-network
             providers, I can give you a receipt to send to your insurance
             company for reimbursement.  Check your individual policy to
             see what the coverage is for "mental health counseling".          

          If you want weekly couples counseling and are unable to pay
          the full rate, talk with me about the possibility of a lower rate.  
          I keep a limited number of appointments available for
          discounted rates.

        Contact me today.  I'd be glad to answer your
        questions or set up an appointment for a session or
        free 10-minute phone consult.

        Call Joseph at  773.633.8057

       or email at:
Joseph Gottfried,
Couples Counseling Chicago
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