About Joseph, Relationship and Marriage Counselor

                How I Became a  Relationship Counselor

    About 25 years ago, I came to the painful realization that I was
    quite clueless when it came to relationships.  Yet through the mess
    I was in at the time, I found my first clue to solve my big-time relationship
    problems:  I would have to actually start looking at myself!

    Thus I began a long earnest journey to find out how to do

    My second clue was even more troubling than the first.  I would have to
    get help from others.

    So, with a few willing partners (not at the same time) and the help of
    couples counselors, personal counselors, support groups, therapy groups,
    spiritual groups, workshops, and way too many books, I discovered
    how to step out of my destructive relationship dramas.

    Eventually, what had begun as my own desire to find love with less pain
    inspired me into my passion to know the root causes and solutions to our
    troubled lives and loves.  I found the most effective principles and
    methods to help heal the broken bonds of our relationships.

                            Education and Experience
                 in Marriage and Relationship Counseling

    Looking back, I see how my deep desire to understand my relationships
    and myself led me into my life's work as a counselor.  I wanted to share
    what I had learned about relationships and learn more about
    how to help others through relationship counseling.

    I went to graduate school to earn a Masters degree in Psychology
    from Antioch University in Seattle.  Drawn to working with people, I
    have been in the field of human services for 25 years.  I have been a
    counselor for over 15 years, specializing in couples counseling for the
    past 8 years.

    Beyond my formal education, I continue classes and training to deepen
    my skills and knowledge to provide the most effective couples and
    marriage counseling possible.  In our counseling sessions, I am totally
    committed to helping you bring more love and happiness to your
    life and relationships.

                              About Being a Counselor

    I feel a sense of mission in saving marriages and troubled relationships
    that need not end.  This comes through in the work I do, as I am
    continually moved and inspired by the courage and love of the
    couples I see.

    Honestly, my favorite part of being a couples counselor is
    the feeling of hearts melting in the room as conflict turns into
    love.  The love always feels good.

    To book an appointment or talk to me about the couples
    counseling I do, please give me a call.

    ~ Joseph           

Joseph Gottfried,
Couples Counseling Chicago
Help for Couples in Conflict
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