Is your relationship too good to leave,
                 but too bad to stay in?

    Breaking up does not have to be the answer to
    your relationship problems...

    As a couples counselor and marriage counselor, I can
    help you find a way to stay together.

    Perhaps you are struggling in your marriage or committed relationship.  
    You have grown weary of replaying the same dramas over and
    over.  The anger and hurt have made you drift apart, longing for the
    days when love seemed easy.

    You try hard to accept one another, but you end up criticizing
    and blaming.  Feeling alone, unloved, and rejected, you wonder if
    you are right for each other.  

    You likely still love each other, but your hurt and confusion is
    building up every day.  It is stifling your love for each other.

    You have tried hard to work things out on your own, or maybe
    you've even been to couples counseling before.  But you realize that
    you need more than sincere effort or "expert advice".  

    You need an experienced couples and marriage counselor that can
    help you stop the pain and guide you into a loving relationship.  

                  If any of the above rings true for you,
                        Couples Counseling Chicago can help.

              I Help You Resolve the Root Cause of
        Your Relationship Problems Once and For All

    As an experienced couples therapist, I help you find the love story
    underneath your drama.

    Unlike some marriage counselors and couples therapists, I do more
    than just help you sort out your problems.  I also help you uncover
    the deeper feelings and desires that are hidden beneath your problems.  
    This makes room for you both to feel understood and loved
    more for who you are and what you truly want.

    You learn to be more relaxed and real with each other, so you
    have more real love in your relationship.  
    As we untangle the roots of your conflicts, your problems naturally
    ease.  You find ways to become closer through your differences
    instead of arguing over them.

    The approach I use, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy,
    has been proven by current research to be the most effective form
    of couples counseling available.  You will move through a 3 stage
    process that builds trust, calm, and caring.  This short-term counseling
    takes months not years, yet the results can easily last a lifetime.


      No Matter How Lost and Apart You May Feel Right Now,
                              You Can Be Close Again.

    Through couples and marriage therapy, I can help you transform
    your relationship stress and struggles into a solid, loving

    Together, you will discover simple and profound ways to work out your
    differences.  Rather than getting lost in a storm of negative emotions,
    you can build a safe harbor in each other.

    I safely guide you to risk showing up with each other in new ways,
    where you can feel listened to and loved.  In this couples counseling,
    you become closer through powerful, positive experiences that create a
    loving bond between you.  Many couples say they are closer than
    ever before, even years after therapy is over.

    In couples therapy, you can deepen
    your trust and appreciation
    of one another.  You get back the
    peace, passion, and fun!

    As you become more accepting and giving with each other, there is a
    rich place for love and happiness to grow.

    Don't lose hope.  You can change the way you love
    and get the love you want.

    Give me a call today to set up an appointment or a free
    phone consultation.   I'd be happy to answer your
    questions or help you in any way I can.

    ~ Joseph


The marriage counseling and couples counseling I do
offers loving solutions to these painful problems:

  • Communication breakdowns.  You can't talk about certain things.

  • Angry arguments that destroy trust and closeness.

  • A crisis such as threat of divorce or an emotional or physical affair.

  • Your partner is distant or unavailable.

  • Your partner is too demanding or needy.

  • The life has gone out of your sex life.

  • Living parallel lives of disconnection "like roommates".

  • Increasing difficulty to work, relax, or have fun together.



       Almost All Relationships Go Through Tough Times

    Relationship difficulties may mean you have grown in different
    directions.  But more often your conflicts are asking you to
    find new ways of loving each other.

    Conflict is normal and healthy.  It's how we deal with conflict that
    can make or break a relationship.  Now imagine getting through a
    conflict (or even a deep hurt) and feeling closer than ever before.  
    Imagine your hearts melting instead of breaking.
Through couples counseling,  you can...

  discover what drives your dramas and stop them
  listen to one another, and feel heard
   find the lost love that lies beneath your conficts
   replace tension with harmony
   trade distance with closeness
   take space apart with ease and love
   heal hurts, including affairs
  renew trust and commitment
  learn to be deeper in love
  have the most satisfying sex you have ever had
  be happily married (or committed) much more often!
Joseph Gottfried,
Help  for Couples in Conflict


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Couples Counseling Chicago
"When we first came to
Joseph, we were stuck.  For
a long time we had always
been able to deal with
problems on our own, but
one day, things had built up
to a point that we couldn't
overcome. We were
overwhelmed and
fought all the time seeming
to have the same fight over
and over. We considered
getting separated, and
sometimes I felt hopeless
about the future.

Joseph helped us to break
our pattern by giving us
tools for communication and
connection, and by seeking
and addressing our
underlying, unspoken
differences. Communication
between the two of us has
vastly improved, and we
have better understanding
of why each of us acts the
way we do. We are far more
connected now and are
really having fun together

This was our second
counseling experience, and
Joseph really stands out
with his perceptiveness,
sensitivity, and skill. He
genuinely cares about his
clients, and we really
appreciate all he's done for

~ K & W

"We came to Joseph with
problems communicating
and issues from the past
that were unresolved.  He
helped us achieve a deeper
understanding of each other
and realize the
importance of staying true
to ourselves.  With his help,
we were able to build a
stronger relationship and
have never been closer."

~ B & R

"When we hit Joseph’s
office for couples counseling
our relationship was in a
crisis.  Communication had
broken down.  Things had
happened where I could
not trust my husband, and I
was left with rampant

We were at the bottom of
a downward spiral hurting
each other more and more
without any idea how to
get back out.  Both of us
were very concerned about
the longevity of our

Joseph guided us out of
this painful place with his
kindness, understanding,
and wisdom.  He helped us
embrace the challenges
before us.  Together we
began rebuilding a
healthier structure for
communication, trust, love,
and fulfillment.

Joseph’s honest, open, and
down-to-earth approach
when talking to him gave
us confidence that he could
help us.  We felt safe in his
office - like visiting an old
friend instead of a
frightening therapist.

In our sessions, Joseph
was able to slow us down
to acknowledge each other
and learn from each other.  
We learned how to accept
and love each other for who
we are while
strengthening our
weaknesses and embracing
our strengths.

He helped us find the love
that still existed in our

Now as we leave Joseph’s
guidance, we have a tool
box of skills to help us build
on the new love and
closeness we have found.

~ J & K
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